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Author : Ghost
Published : 24.12.2018

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Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution 1 2017 1080p BluRay x264-GHOULS

Author : Zyber
Published :11.02.2019

movie info

Title :
Koukyoushihen: Eureka Seven - Hi-Evolution 1
Year :
Genre :
 DramaAnimationScience FictionAdventure
IMDB Rating :
6.3/10 Of 3.7
Director :
Tomoki Kyouda
Stars :
Johnny Yong Bosch Melissa Fahn Michael Forest Crispin Freeman
Run time :


The movies will tell the story of the phenomenon known as "The First Summer of Love" that took place ten years before the first Eureka Seven anime, but was never depicted in full. The movies will then follow the main storyline of the first TV anime and contain new dialogues and scenes, revised footage, as well as a new ending not present in the original series.

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